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Dear Alumni and Friends,

As Industrial Engineering graduates of Çankaya University, you represent our department at your current institution. Some of you are working at public institutions, some of you are at private sector, some of you started up your own companies, and some of you work related with areas completely different than your IE background. We sincerely wish you success.

Science and technology continue to develop and change. Yesterday's classes may not be adequate for today. It may even be possible to come across new products, applications, and technologies which we had not taught you about. We, as the Industrial Engineering Department of Çankaya University, strive to follow these changes and recent developments and to improve our program accordingly. To this end, we need your opinions and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you about your observations, experiences, problems you ran into as well as your suggestions for solving these problems.

We have an alumni email list through which we can keep our communication and let you know about the activities at our university, department, as well as job offers we receive. If you wish to join this list, please fill the information in the given link.

You stepped into work life via the knowledge and gains you acquired at our department. Maybe this knowledge has served you well at the places you have worked, or maybe you have needed to acquire additional knowledge. There might have been moments that you thought: "I wish I had learned about this," or: "I wish they had taught me that." Sometimes, even, you might have thought: "They made us work too hard for this class, and yet, this class has not been useful at all in my work." We want you to share with us all these kinds of feelings and opinions you might have. We strive to follow the technology and recent developments in our field, but we also wish to benefit from your views and opinions. We thank you for your contributions, and wish you success and happiness in your lives.

Department of Industrial Engineering, Çankaya University
Alumni/Shareholders Relations Committee


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