Facilities & Laboratories

Facilities & Laboratories

IE Lab Photo Facilities and laboratories within Çankaya University are in service of our students providing equipment and tools, supporting our students' educational needs. In addition to university-wide facilities and laboratories, our department has two industrial engineering-specific laboratories:

  • Modeling & Simulation Laboratory,
  • Work Study and Ergonomics Laboratory,
providing our students with facilities where they can have experience on various program areas and link their theoretical knowledge with practice using the provided software and equipment.

There are also a Machine shop and a Flexible Manufacturing System Laboratory within Mechanical Engineering Department for the related courses of Industrial Engineering Department.

Modeling and Simulation Laboratory (ModSim Laboratory)

ModSim Lab Photo ModSim Laboratory is currently located in H338 with a system room besides it. The laboratory schedule is updated every semester based on the IE course schedule. ModSim Laboratory is open between 9:00 and 17:00 to all IE students except for the laboratory lecture hours. This lab is primarily used for conducting the applications for simulation and modelling related industrial engineering course, and also for our students to study and do their assignments such as homework and projects. The lab has 30 student desktop computers, all connected to the university network and internet. Various licensed software programs such as GAMS, Arena, Minitab, Bilişim ERP, Netsis ERP, Microsoft Office that are very important for industrial engineering curriculum are installed on computers. Also, a projector and smart board are available in this lab.

Work Study and Ergonomics Laboratory

ModSim Lab Photo This laboratory is located in room NB01B. It serves as work study and ergonomics laboratory in which required pieces of equipment are used to measure, test, calibrate and verify certain tasks, movements, and processes. This laboratory is mainly used for the IE 202 course in the Industrial Engineering curriculum. There are several different laboratory tasks performed by students to enhance the theoretical knowledge given in class studies. By using tools such as stopwatch and environmental measurement instruments, students conduct time study activities and work environment evaluations. Students are expected to conduct assembly tasks and do the required measurements in order to calculate cycle time, productivity ratio and production rate of these tasks. Since humans are the most important resource, improving their safety and comfort during processes by good design is a concern of industrial engineers.

By using tools such as audiometer, tape measure and anthropometer, students learn how to define the standards of equipment used for providing workers a better work environment. Practicing all these in the context of the IE 202 course help students analyze real life work systems and find ways to make them more productive in their future life.