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Honor Code

All students admitted to Çankaya University should declare his/her understanding and belief in the Honor Code stated by the department for the examinations and assignments. This statement is a reminder to uphold your obligation as a Çankaya University student and to be honest in all work submitted and exams taken in all courses.


Please read the following Honor Code carefully. Then write "I agree. [Kabul ediyorum.]" and sign underneath to show your understanding and belief in the Honor Code.

I hereby declare that I have neither given nor received any aid during the exam. [Sınav sırasında hiç kimseden hiç bir şekilde yardım almadığımı ve hiç bir kimseye hiç bir şekilde yardım etmediğimi beyan ederim.]


For individual assignments, each student (for team work assignments, only one member of the study team) should write the following Honor Code with his/her own handwriting on the cover page of your assignment report, and each student should sign underneath.

I(We) hereby declare that, except where I(we) have indicated, the work I(we) am(are) submitting in this assignment (project, report, ...) is my(our) own work. [Sunmakta olduğum(olduğumuz) bu ödevin(projenin, raporun, ...), belirttiğim(belirttiğimiz) kısımların haricinde, tamamen kendi eserim(eserimiz) olduğunu beyan ederim(ederiz).]

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