Industrial Engineering Club

Industrial Engineering Club

IEC Logo Çankaya University Industrial Engineering Club, established in 1998, is the first student society at the university. The main purpose of this society is to provide coordination between industrial engineering students among different universities around Turkey, to help improving themselves during their university life to be the Industrial Engineers of the future, to organize social and educational activities for Industrial Engineering students and faculty.

The club has three main teams working on organizing (1) social activities, (2) field trips, (3) seminars and conferences. Every Fall, members of the club kick off with a traditional brunch bringing freshmen, old students and faculty members together. During the academic year, they organize at least two field trips, three social activities and at least two educational seminars. We would like to welcome new members to our club to improve themselves and have fun while organizing these activities.

You may examine below for information about the academic advisor and the current president of the club, as well as contact information, links for social media and the club's activity calendar.

IEC advisor photo

Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Alp Ertem

IEC advisor photo

Hikmet Nilay Mertal

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IEC Activity Calendars

2019-2020Club President: Hikmet Nilay Mertal
No Date Activity Type
1. Oct 19 Traditional Brunch 19' Social
2. Oct 24 Game Night Social
3. Nov 14 Serdar Plastik Field Trip
4. Nov 16 Theater: Lüküs Hayat Social
5. Nov 22 ROBOETICHS Seminar
2018-2019Club President: Sezgi Serdaroğlu
No Date Activity Type
1. Oct 20 Traditional Brunch 18' Social
2. Nov 6 Prof. Dr. Erdoğan Doğdu: Big Data Revolution Seminar
3. Nov 15 Anadolu Efes Field Trip
4. Nov 17 Theater: Radyo-yu Hümayun Social
5. Dec 8 Pet Shelter Visit Social
6. Dec 12 Buket Gökduman: Interview Techniques Seminar
7. Dec 13 Lazzoni Field trip
8. Dec 20 Türk Traktör Field trip
9. Mar 1 Game Night Social
10. Mar 12 MANage Your Career Seminar
11. Apr 6 Theater: Siyahlı Kadın Social
12. Apr 30 IE in Business Seminar
13. May 6 FORD Otosan Field trip
14. May 15 Hidromek A.Ş. Field Trip
15. May 30 EMKEBAP Social
2017-2018Club President: Özge Deniz Atay
No Date Activity Type
1. Oct 21 Traditional Brunch 17' Social
2. Nov 7 Coca-Cola İçecek Field Trip
3. Nov 14 UCTEA Chamber of Mechanical Engineers: Communucation, Worker Health & Safety for Tomorrow's Leaders Seminar
4. Dec 12 Erkunt Traktör Field Trip
5. Dec 16 Bolu-Abant Tour Social
6. Mar 31 Theater: Anna Karenina Social
7. Apr 5 Erkunt Traktör Field Trip
8. Apr 6 Onat Totuk: Industry 4.0 & Technology Management Seminar/Education
9. Apr 17 Ahmet Savaş Göktürk: EN ERP Seminar/Education
10. Apr 28 Cycling around Eymir Lake Social
11. May 4 M. Filiz Pehlivan & Burcu Yakışır Girgin: Entrepreneurship Seminar/Education
12. May 14 Nestlé Waters Türkiye & Erikli Field Trip
13. Jun 1 EMKebap Social
2016-2017Club President: Çağrı Çakmak
No Date Activity Type
1. Oct 22 Traditional Brunch 16' Social
2. Nov 11 MAN A.Ş. Field Trip
3. Nov 29 Akın Karakaya: Project Management Seminar
4. Dec 15 Onat Totuk: Industry 4.0 Seminar
5. Dec 17 Theater: Yeraltından Notlar Social
6. Dec 22 Coca-Cola İçecek Field Trip
7. Mar 24 İş Hayatında Endüstri Mühendisliği Seminar
8. Apr 6 Tree planting event Social
9. Apr 10 Erdemir A.Ş. Field Trip
10. Apr 15 Cycling around Eymir Lake Social
11. Apr 21 Theater Social
12. May 2 Müge Gümrah Çoruh & Ertaç Yıldız: Business Analysis Seminar/Education
13. May 9 EMKebap Social
14. May 10 Anadolu Efes Field Trip
2015-2016Club President: Burak Çelik
No Date Activity Type
1. Nov 8 Traditional Brunch 15' Social
2. Nov 30 Gürkan Gediz: Entrepreneurship Seminar
3. Dec 5 Track the Key Social
4. Dec 10 School Aid Campaign Social
5. Dec 25 Theater: Neşe Dert Aşk Social
6. Mar 1 Baştaş Field Trip
7. Mar 9 Coca-Cola Field Trip
8. Apr 25 ERP Awareness Day Seminar, Education
9. Apr 26 Hyundai, Gebze Field Trip
10. May 6 EMKebap Social