Systems' Analysis, Design and Implementation Projects

Systems' Analysis, Design and Implementation Projects

Our curriculum includes Systems' Analysis, Design and Implementation courses during which groups of our senior students work on real-life problems in partnership with various production and service companies in Ankara. Real-life projects provided through this relationship:

  • let our students apply their theoretical knowledge and gain experience before they graduate, and
  • provide companies with the opportunity to scientifically work with groups of senior students under supervision of our faculty in seeking applicable solutions for their problems.

Some of our graduates have even been offered positions in the companies partnering with our department as a result of their successful project work during this relationship.

(In collaboration with Başkent Industrial Zone)

Group Company Topic
1 AKO JANT Performance analysis and tracking system
2 SEMİX Facility design
3 CEMATEK Development of inventory management system and job scheduling
4 OPTİMA Development of a production planning system
5 BAŞÖZ ENERJİ Waste material minimization and layout design of black stock
6 PAYSA Assembly line balancing
7 GAYRET MAKİNA Developing an alternative system to ERP module for estimation of due dates using a simulation model
8 ERTEM BASIM Determining box dimensions and quantities in a most economical way
9 BAŞÖZ ENERJİ Welding workshop performance monitoring and scheduling system
10 MERİH ASANSÖR Production process planning with delivery time estimation
11 KAYMAKÇILAR Developing a costing system using ABC analysis
Group Company Topic
1 NETMON Warehouse design for Netmon's existing warehouse problem
2 ULUSOY ELEKTRİK A.Ş Product grouping and demand forecasting
3 SF ŞİRKETLER GRUBU Warehouse design
4 EXPİNAL ALÜMİNYUM & PVC One dimensional cutting stock problem
5 TERMİKEL A.Ş Stock control system
6 SF GÜMRÜK MÜŞAVİRLİĞİ System improvement and performance measurement in customs services
8 ULUSOY ELEKTRİK Kanban system design
9 LAZZONİ MOBİLYA Space allocation in LAZZONİ Warehouse
11 EB REBOSIO TÜRKİYE Production planning under mold availability constraints
12 NURUS Development of inventory management system
13 ERSA MOBİLYA Scheduling workstations by simulation models for organizing orders in ERSA MOBİLYA
Group Company Topic
1 ANADOLU EFES Product allocation in Anadolu Efes Ankara Warehouse
2 ENERJİSA Detection of technical and nontechnical electricity losses
3 AKSAPARK Inventory management and warehouse addressing study in Aksapark
4 REBOSIO M-Stage hybrid flowshop scheduling for multiprocessing unidentical parallel machines with recirculating jobs
5 MAN TÜRKİYE Scheduling of pipe workshop activities in MAN Türkiye
6 ELFA METAL Developing a system based on genetic algorithm for incapability of due date estimation at Plusdoor
7 MAN TİCARET Authorized service facility location problem for MAN truck & bus trade Inc.
8 FIRAT MÜHENDİSLİK New facility design
9 KROMLÜKS Analysis of cost effective utilization of the new laser cutting machine
10 KAREL Lot sizing in Karel Electronics
Group Company Topic
1 EMEK Electrical Industry Inc. Effective scheduling
2 AKSAN Steel Forging System improvement for minimizing the setup losses of press line
3 ALTUNBİLEKLER Stock space planning in Altunbilekler's new warehouse
4 ARÇELİK Dishwasher Plant Material handling
5 COCA COLA Design of delivery between days and vehicle routing for Coca Cola İçecek
6 AKSA PARK Standardization and documentation of processes for materials planning
7 LAZZONİ Providing standardization in production processes and preparing infrastructure of accurate planning
8 ASSAN ASP Machinery Production planning
9 AKYURT Stock planning
10 GÜVEN Hospital A purchasing and inventory system design under depot capacity restriction
11 DUŞ'AL Facility layout design
12 DUŞ'AL Stock control planning
Group Company Topic
1 ALTUNBİLEKLER Vehicle loading and routing problem
2 BOZANKAYA Statistical process control
3 EGO Maintenance planning and monitoring
4 EGO Transfer station location and route planning
5 KROMLÜKS Cutting-stock problem
6 MEGE TEKNİK Workforce planning and efficiency improvement
7 PREKONS Production planning and scheduling
8 SOYKANLAR Inventory control and order tracking system
9 TAV Esenboğa - DHMİ Aircraft parking lot and gate scheduling
10 TERMİKEL Scheduling problem
11 ULUSOY ELEKTRİK Scheduling for moulds
12 YDS Warehouse design
13 YUNUS MARKET Vehicle loading and routing
14 ZİRAAT BANKASI Location problem for new branches
Group Company Topic
1 KARBA One dimensional cutting-stock problem
2 ALFER Production and capacity planning
3 YİĞİT AKÜ Material handling and KANBAN implementation
4 SOYKANLAR Vehicle routing and loading
5 SERDAR PLASTİK Material handling system design
6 TÜRK TRAKTÖR New facility design
7 MAN A.Ş. Maintenance planning
8 BOZANKAYA Scheduling of welding operations
9 OPAL ON Facility layout planning
10 YENİMAHALLE BLD. Investment planning for public park areas
11 YENİMAHALLE BLD. Location-allocation problem
12 GENPOWER Cost analysis
Group Company Topic
1 GENPOWER Inventory control and warehouse design
2 ELFA Capacity planning and scheduling
3 GÖÇMAKSAN Production planning
4 HİDROAN Inventory control
5 KARBA Facility layout planning
6 MİKROMAK Materials requirement planning
7 GENPOWER Assembly line balancing
8 HİDROTORK Materials requirement planning
9 TEKNİKON Facility design
10 ÇANKAYA UNIVERSITY Design of transportation system
11 ELFA Cost analysis
12 BİRLİK MAKİNA Quality control system design
13 PİMAKS Facility design
Group Company Topic
1 ELFA Development of aggregate production scheduling system
2 SERDAR PLASTİK Warehouse design and storage assignment
3 MAN A.Ş. Assembly line balancing
4 SERDAR PLASTİK Scheduling of injection process
5 KARDELEN MAKİNA Cost analysis
6 ÇESAN Development of a material requirement system
7 SEÇKİN MAKİNE Cost analysis
8 PALME MAKİNA Facility layout improvement
9 ÇELİKSAN DÖKÜM Cost analysis and estimation
10 HIDROAN-TEKNOAN Cost analysis
11 HIDROAN Layout design for a new facility
13 ER MAKİNA Facility layout improvement
Group Company Topic
1 ÜN-KOÇ MAKİNA Decision support system implementation for order processing
2 BİRLİK MAKİNA Aggregate planning using weighted distribution problem type linear programming model
3 YILDIRIM MÜHENDİSLİK Process improvement and stock control
4 YAVUZ MOTOR Supply chain design
5 BİRLİK MAKİNA Facility layout improvement
6 KARKE MAKİNA Cost analysis
7 PALME MAKİNA Assembly line balancing
8 TİPİSAN OTOMOTİV Product tracing system development
9 PALME MAKİNA Trim-loss minimization management
10 ASSAN ASP Makine Cost analysis