Descriptions of Service Courses

Descriptions of Service Courses

Service courses are those courses offered by our department to students in other departments.

IE 230 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (2 2 3) (ECTS: 5)
Basic concepts of probability and random variables which constitutes the basics of statistics. Discrete and continuous random variables and their distributions, expectation of discrete random variables. Random samples, statistics and their distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, inference about two populations, analysis of variance, regression analysis.

IE 345 Engineering Economy (3 0 3) (ECTS: 4)
This course highlights the importance of economic principles in engineering applications, especially in project evaluation procedures. Basics of economic evaluation of engineering decisions such as time value of money, inflation, depreciation and income taxes and related techniques are given.

IE 417 Occupational Health and Safety (3 0 3) (ECTS: 4)
This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of occupational health and safety with the emphasis on civil engineering activities. The topics covered in the course are statistical analysis of the accidents and injuries in civil construction sites, the economical aspects of accidents and injuries in construction sites, operational structure of agencies related to occupational health and safety, type of injuries and occupational hazards in construction related activities, engineering and management side of health and safety in construction, and legal aspects and standards in Turkey.

IE 446 Project Engineering Management (3 0 3) (ECTS: 4)
The role of projects in organization is getting more important as they become the major tool for reaching strategic goals. This module provides an integrative view of project management. Topics include project selection, project organization, budgeting and cost estimation, progress and performance measurement and evaluation, and project auditing. Project planning and control techniques, such as CPM and PERT, are also covered. After project management issues, project planning and control issues such as general review of CPM and PERT models to cover cases with certainty and uncertainty of activity durations; project crashing and PERT/Cost analysis; GANTT charts and resource balancing decisions; control, revision and verification of projects; computer applications are discussed.