Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a department, which:

  • is the first choice of prospective students who wish to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering,
  • graduates Industrial Engineers recognized by prestigious national and international institutions,
  • is certified for its education programs, research competence and continuous improvement targeted at contributing decision process systems by authorized accreditation institutions,
  • produces quality knowledge through internationally-recognized research and development,
  • contributes to national development through its various approaches to university-industry collaborations.

Our department's mission is to:

analyze and synthesize problems faced by companies and institutions of various sizes in different sectors using scientific research methodologies and systems approach; produce industrial engineering graduates who: build models taking into account the human and environmental factors, are equipped with the knowledge and ability to produce sustainable solutions and make decisions using resources efficiently to society's benefit, use technology effectively, are able to work in multi-disciplinary teams; contribute to science and national development through advanced research.